Eastern Standard
Crafted in London and enjoyed in exclusive bars the world over, the Eastern Standard is a zingy little gin based number shaken with cucumber, mint and lime. This is our signature cocktail experience box and is gifted to anyone who would love to be sipping from a martini glass sat at a sweeping, brass, counter-top bar lined with glittering bottles, but knows that a home-made 'Quarantini' is the next best thing.
moscow mule
Imagine you’re high up in the Hollywood Hills as LA lights glimmer beneath, listening to the palms swishing in the balmy evening breeze, while holding a frosty copper mug. The golden hour beckons and it’s time for things to get rose tinted
champagne and strawberries
Champagne and Strawberries have a great chemistry. This box calls for a celebration and is perfect for a romantic night in lockdown. Light the divine scented Flores Lane candle and drink the stars as you toast to good news, bad news or even just making it through another week of 2020.
old fashioned
This one is for the whiskey lovers, night cap sippers and the last man (or woman) standing. Here’s to hunkering down in a dark cozy bar, clutching a whiskey fueled low ball and the memories of a good night.
This box reminds us of the sun setting over the Thames when it's time for ice cubes to tinkle in G&T's all along the river banks and into the city's twinkling beer gardens. We'd be sipping this most British of cocktails with a hefty pour of Hendricks and the only tonic worth sharing this auspicious mix with, Fever-Tree - plus plenty of fresh lime. 
java love
For anyone who worships at the java alter, this box celebrates the coffee bean in all its vibrancy. Expertly roasted beans by Canyon Coffee brewed in an exquisitely designed Chemex coffee maker,
makes the perfect cup of pour-over coffee. Enjoy in a speckle-glaze artisan mug with some Crow & Moss true-to-bean tasting chocolate alongside to elevate the experience.
cream tea
In our humble opinion nothing is as deliciously decadent as sharing a top notch afternoon tea. Naturally, ours is as British as they come. Our authentic, freshly baked scones are made to be split and spread with Devonshire clotted cream and Tiptree strawberry jam with Pukka's English breakfast tea alongside. 
Light the bespoke London candle, breathe in the scent of an English country garden inspired bouquet and savour the ritual of afternoon tea... at home.